a celebratory seat


※I prepare it for a dish for children 1,650 yen

Beginning to eat okuizome

It is a celebration meal of the 100th birthday. It is a celebration with the wish that the child is pleased that it has grown up safely, and that there is no inconvenience in eating.

Celebration of admission enter a school

It is used by families to celebrate the entrance of children to kindergartens, elementary schools, and junior high schools. Enjoy a spectacular meal at your celebrations and have a memorable time.

Celebration of Yoneju beiju

The U.S. birthday celebration is a celebration of longevity of 88 years in counting years. The reason for the origin of yoneju is that it becomes 8, 10, and 8 when the character of "rice" is divided. I think that it is good to celebrate grandly by all means within the range that there is no burden on the person himself.


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