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2021November 12, 2008 : Christmas Hors d'Oeuvres






 Christmas Hors d'Oeuvres








クリスマス オードブル告知


Japanese cuisine Yuzuro Yuro
2021In October 20th. : Drinks free


It is GOOD.

This time, we have added a new menu to the sake offer.


It is a so-called all-you-can-drink menu.

There are three types of courses.

First Class Drink-free 11,000 yen

A lot of famous sake is included.

Regular class Drink-free 2,700 yen

Standard assortment

Yuzu sake Drink-free 3,300 yen

In addition to the standard, there are also 20 kinds of yuzu sake

It is a recommended service content for those who want to drink and compare various alcohols.

We also accept orders for regular drinks separately.


Two sets of hospitality a day

Japanese cuisineYuzuro Yuro
2021年10月19日 : Thank you for your good reputation for Osechi cuisine.


Manager IS OKN.

Thank you very much for your continued support for yuzuro and Osechi cuisine.

Thanks to you, we have already received more orders than last year.

As the number is limited, please make a reservation as soon as possible.

For reservations, please call


Alternatively, you can also make a reservation from the yuzuro official site and e-mail reservation on the reservation page.

The reservation page isThis is >>

Please note that we will call you back when you use the reservation page.


 Two sets of hospitality a day

Japanese cuisine Yuzuro Yuro
2021October 5, 2010 : Preparing a bouquet


It is GOOD.

One of the opportunities to use our shop is an anniversary.

We will prepare a bouquet on behalf of such a special seat.

The budget is 3,300 yen (税込) I hear it from.

Budget of bouquets

Favorite color

Types of flowers

Please tell us your request.
We will take your seat to the guest at the timing you want to give it to you.

For reservations and inquiries, please call us.


※ The image is an image.

Two sets of hospitality a day

Japanese cuisine Yuzuro Yuro
2021October 1, 2010 : In response to the declaration of a state of emergency and the cancellation


It is GOOD.

With the cancellation of the declaration of a state of emergency

It will be open normally from today.

Lunch: 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Night seats from 5:30 p.m.

We will also provide alcoholic beverages.

We are waiting for your reservation.



It will be another matter, but the price and contents of 10 meals on weekdays are as it is

 Makunouchi Lunch

will be renamed.

You can also eat and drink in the store or take it home with a lunch box.

It is a great menu limited to weekdays.

Please take this opportunity.

Two sets of hospitality a day

Japanese cuisine Yuzuro Yuro